Wednesday, November 30, 2011

34 weeks

I am feeling great! Seriously nothing to complain about during this pregnancy. She has really been a piece of cake...lets just hope that since pregnancy has gone so well she will be a good baby:) She is starting to not have as much room in my belly anymore so I don't feel her move as much, but other than that she and I are doing great!! only 6 more weeks till we get to meet her and we are so excited! 
Baby's Development

  • Approximate length 16 to 18 inches, weight 4 to 5 pounds.
  • Her arms and legs are continuing to fill out from fat accumulation. She's dimpling at her elbows and knees and forming creases around her wrists and neck.
  • The percentage of fat on her body is 8%, compared with only 1% of her body weight at 20 weeks. At birth, her body fat will be about 15%, helping her to keep warm.

Making Burp Cloths

My friend Jessica Poppell came over today and helped me make some burp cloths for Amika.  I love how they turned out! And they were so easy too! I was so excited to FINALLY use the sewing machine that my parents got me for Christmas! It works AMAZING! Taelin had fun playing with her daughter Sephanie, but around 2:00 he about lost it.  He was so tired and grumpy.  I finished around 2:45...and once I was done I put him to bed and he is now soundly asleep.  That little man still needs his nap time!!! Next project is her BABY BLANKET:) wahoo!
All the fabric


Sewing away!

Finished Product:) LOVE HOW THEY TURNED OUT!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

some videos and a cute pic!

We got Wii Sports Resort on sale for $20! So we of course had to buy it.  We have so much fun playing this game as a family. Taelin's favorite game to play on it is SWORDS, and seriously he is so good at it.  Sometimes he will win when he's not even looking at the tv.

 The other night we watched THE POLAR EXPRESS, one of my most favorite Christmas movies. Taelin loved it! He is all into trains right now so his eyes were glued to the tv.  He really liked one of the songs and started dancing to it! :) He wanted to smile for some pictures too!

Thanksgiving Day

The day before Thanksgiving Dalin's work put on a Thanksgiving potluck that was REALLY good and a lot of fun.  I didn't take my camera, so no pics on that day. 
Thanksgiving Day was really relaxing.  After Turkey Bowl we had a lot of fun as a family jut hanging out.  I was really missing being with a lot of family though.  That night we were invited to a Thanksgiving dinner at Sgt. Laurels house.  There was SO much food and it was so DELICIOUS! I love the sweet potatoes! This year the sweet potatoes were made with walnuts in them...and it was really good.  The turkey was the most moist turkey I have EVER had.  And of course the desserts were AMAZING. Taelin had fun throwing a football, chasing girls around the house, and watching the movie UP.  It was really a fun Thanksgiving. 

Day after Thanksgiving

My husband is amazing!!!! The day after Thanksgiving he woke up at 5am to go to Kadena's BX to get me a Christmas Tree...and of course a game for his birthday.  I was so happy when he came home with a 6 ft PRE LITE Christmas Tree.  Taelin & I put up the Christmas tree and I think it looks great!
So excited

Taelin is the best helper!

What a handsome young boy!

Our Japanese Ornament

Taelin's Batman Ornament

Our Christmas Tree with our Christmas dog that sings Jingle Bells

So pretty!
 That afternoon we headed down to White Beach to have some lunch with our friends the Poppells.  They had made steak fajitas.  They tasted DELICIOUS! We had a fun time playing on the beach and Taelin had fun playing on the toys with his friend Sephanie.  I LOVED that we were on a beach THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING! And the weather was warm enough for Taelin to play in the water.  Love living on an island!
Riding the horses!

Running to the playground

going down the slide

Had so much fun on the See-Saw

Seriously he was so happy!

Sephanie was having fun too!

Going down the slide together. Don't know why Taelin's tongue is sticking out

What a handsome boy!

Tongue sticking out again! Silly boy!
We had such a fun day! Love that Christmas is right around the corner:) I am going to miss family for sure but am so happy that I have Dalin & Taelin to celebrate the holidays with:!)

Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl

 Our Branch put on a Turkey Bowl and it was a GREAT turn out.  It started out with 2 teams, that turned into 4 teams.  Dalin & Taelin had a lot of fun.  It was actually pretty cold Thanksgiving day here in Japan.  The clouds were out and there was a breeze....NOT USE TO THIS KIND OF WEATHER. Even though it was like 68 degrees....but with NO humidity.  Here are some pics of the game:)
The big group



Running to get the ball

Taelin liked playing with this cute little black girl from our Branch.  She is 7 years old and is in love with Taelin. It was cute!

Playing with the cute little girl

Love how Taelin is facing the wrong direction~ haha

Dalin running with Taelin in his arms


Dalin throwing the ball


They are almost standing the exact same you have to stand like each other too!

Taelin wanted to play on the playground. He had fun going back and forth on this toy

Climbing up the slide

Dalin & Taelin

I love THIS picture
Dalin had to go on a 5 mile hike one morning, so the night before he got all of his things ready, and Taelin wanted to take a picture with him! I love it!
 These 3 pics are so funny!
Before bedtime we always read our scriptures on Taelin's bed, and Taelin had found some stamps in Dalin's Dalin took some of the sticker part and put it on his nose..OF COURSE Taelin wanted some of his nose too! They crack me up!

Taelin's eye is so funny in this pic!

Cute cute!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dalin's Quarter of A Century Birthday Party

Dalin is turning 25 on the 28th of the month, so I decided I wanted to have a QUARTER OF A CENTURY PARTY for him.  My friend Brandie is an amazing Cake Maker and decorator, and she made this most amazing cake!!!! It taste awesome!!! Everything was about quarters that day:)  I threw a surprise birthday party for him the 19th of Nov at the bowling alley.  He had no idea:) Way better surprise party then the one I threw him when we were engaged:) GO ME! It was so much fun! We all got to play about 4 games too...and it only cost $9.50 for the whole time! Gotta love the military:)
The amazing cake!

Blowing out candles

Brandie, Dalin, & I with the amazing cake

My friend Megan taught me how to make an Apple Pie (Dalin's favorite pie) and it turned out DELICIOUS!

Taelin can carry a 6 lb ball all by himself:) He was having the time of his life


I was doing HORRIBLE!! Taelin was beating me!!! Not a good game!

The group of guys! Boda, Taelin, Dalin, Chris, Joe, and Van

Taelin eating the cake:)

I just LOVED Dalin's shoes..I wish he could have taken them home.  Love the old man look!:)

Taelin found these chairs and was having fun moving them around

Our little family!:)

Anissa was so good at getting gutter balls:)

The girls game:) I almost won! SO happy i broke 100! way better game for me:)