Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Week

Our week was super fun! Here we go!:)
June 9th
Long long plane rides! Kids did AWESOME!
Bought 2009 White Ford Edge
Checked into Hotel
Bed at 1130pm
June 10th
Slept until noon
Got new cell phones! I got a white Ipod touch for my birthday and for my Christmas present from my mom and dad
We got to talk to family
Went and got some food at Albertsons
June 11th
Checked out of hotel at 640am
Did A LOT of Check in process with Dalin
Got to move into our HOUSE:) We love it!

Bought things for the house
Found Taelin a bed for only $150 including the box spring and frame:)

Amika slept in car seat because she rolls onto tummy with face down:(
June 12th
Unpacked all but 1 bag:)
Amika swung for the 1st time and LOVED it!

Free food Tuesdays
got our kitchen rental supplies
Amika rolled all over the room
Amika tried Rice Cereal and was NOT a fan of it!
June 13th
Run A LOT of errands and went and played at the park
Worked out:)
Taelin FINALLY fell asleep in his room and slept there the whole night:)
June 14th
Amika ate a whole thing of rice cereal
We met our neighbors, super nice, have kids Taelin's age:)
Taelin took his 1st nap in his bed
June 15th
Amika has a REALLY bad rash:( Poops every time she goes potty:( 
Went to In&Out for dinner! SOOOOOOOO good!

Went to the beach:) 
Taelin loved to run away from the waves and say, "HA HA YOU CAN'T GET ME WAVES, HA HA" 

June 16th
Went to Del Mar beach on base! Super nice beach! Water super cold, sand so soft! Taelin actually played in the water.  He would lay on this stomach and have the waves get him.  He still LOVES to run away from the waves.  We were super surprised he likes this water, and not Okinawa water cuz this water is way colder! Crazy boy!
Went to the mall and got Amika's ears pierced:)

Played at the fun play place at the Mall
Went to OLIVE GARDEN for dinner! SO DELICIOUS! Oh how I have missed that place!!!!

Got NEW YEARS EVE from Redbox and watched it.
June 17th
Went to church, found out we went to the wrong ward, so next week we will go to the right one:) But Taelin did awesome and went straight into nursery!:) He is at this age now where he wants to be friends with everyone and say hi to everyone.  It's adorable!
Went and looked at some German Shepards and found the one that we are going to get sometime in July:)
Dalin said that he had THE BEST FATHERS DAY of this year:)
What a great week!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Wow! what a crazy day June 9th was.  It was Amika's 5 month birthday and she got to spend the whole day on airplanes:) Luckily she LOVED it.  We had been sleeping over at the Johnson's house, and they took us to the airport at 5am.  It was really sad saying goodbye and leaving Japan.  We really loved it! Our flight didn't take off till 8:45, so we had a fun time hanging out in the waiting room.  Amika fed and slept and played, and Taelin had fun running around with some other kids.  Taelin was really excited to ride on a bus to our plane.  He thought it was the coolest thing.  We flew from Kadena's base to Iwakuni, and had a 3 hour lay over, where there was NOTHING to do.  The kids played and played though, which was GREAT, so they would fall asleep on the next flight.:)  Taelin and Daddy played hide and seek, and Amika and I played on the floor.  Amika learned a new trick while we were waiting there as well.  She learned how to roll over from her stomach to her back:) what a big girl! We then loaded onto the plane again and we flew to Yukota.  Both of the kids fell asleep in about 10 min and slept the whole time.  When we got to Yukota we had another 3 hour layover, where we got some food and we able to have the kids release A LOT of energy before our BIG plane ride.  We finally got on our flight and were headed to Seattle.  Taelin wasn't even awake when the plane took off.  Taelin slept THE WHOLE WAY TO SEATTLE, which was so awesome! And Amika slept, and then would feed, and then sleep again.  We felt to lucky that our kids did so great.  Dalin and I both got some sleep on the plane.  Dalin slept on the floor under mine and Amika's seats, becasue he was letting Taelin have both of the seats. (the flight attendant told him that he couldn't do that though).  haha When we got to Seattle we had a 2 hour lay over which was PERFECT, because we had to go through customs and then get all of our luggage.  We arrived at the gate 10 min before we were on ANOTHER airplane.  This one was the worse for me.  I was ready to just be done.  And we didn't get any food on this flight and the seats weren't as comfy.  We had flown on a military flight all the way to Seattle and it was so nice and the food was AWESOME! Taelin was awake for a lot of the flight, and then when he did fall asleep he woke up to pee pants:( so that wasn't very fun.  BUT WE WERE FINALLY IN SAN DIEGO AND WERE DONE WITH AIRPLANES:) Taelin was sad that he didn't get to go another airplane, he LOVES going up high in the sky! We got our luggage and loaded it up into the van.  (a guy from Dalin's new command had come to pick us up).  He dropped us off at North County Ford where WE BOUGHT MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT:) a White 2009 Ford Edge.  It drives so nice! I LOVE IT!! We got an extended warranty on it as well, and we only paid $15700 (including registering the car).  We finally checked into our hotel, but didn't get to bed until 1130pm...WHAT A LONG LONG DAY (well, 2 days) haha