Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just pictures and a video:)

Enjoy pics of the last week:)
WHAT? my husband is reading......yes it's COMICS!! haha He loves to get these from the library and read them to the kids!

i LOVE this picture because this is how Amika slept in my belly! She ALWAYS had her hands close to her face...ADORABLE! In both of our ultrasounds this is what she looks like! She is so pretty!

Aunt Heidi got you this adorable onesie!

Sleeping during tummy time

Taelin got a PERCY Pez from grammy and papa and hasn't put it down since...he even sleeps with it! HE LOVES trains!

I told him to show it to me and smile...well he smiled...but hid it with his foot! silly boy

Taelins hair is getting long and is at an awkward stage...well we decided to spike it to see what it looks like..HE LOVES IT! and so do we!

So happy during tummy time
Playing with this really fun animal croquet game we got at the thrift store! So fun!


Amika hanging out

Holding a toy!!!:)
Amika telling us about her day during dinner time:)

Movie Night

Saturday the 21st we had some friends come over for a movie night.  The Bartons and the Johnsons headed on over and we watched CHICKEN LITTLE.  It was a great night!

Rylea was scared...haha

Friday, January 27, 2012

Taelin reading

Taelin LOVES to read and I love it! I will find him in his room reading his books and it just melts my heart.  The other day he even fell asleep while I was reading to him.  His favorite stories right now are 101 dalmations, Count on Thomas, The Bell of Justice, and The boy who cried wolf.   I love it when he comes to me with a book and wants me to read it to him! He is helping me have a joy for reading too:)
Below are videos of Daddy reading to him before bed-time.  So cute!

Amikas 2 week birthday

Amikas 2 week birthday was on Jan 23rd and we had a great day! We dressed in lots of outfits and even painted your toes.:) You also rolled over from your stomach to your back! what a big 2 week birthday!

what a cute new dress from Grammy and Papa

best picture of you sneezing

Taelin helping you roll over

Sunday, January 22, 2012

we have fun!

We play dress up with Amika

 Taelin puts blankets on his head
 Melissa comes and holds Amika all the time!
 Amika already knows how to hold her bottle

 Taelin loves to smile for the camera
 Amika loves to cuddle with her daddy...and claw him (look at her hand)
 We go to the park

 Taelin walks puppies
 Taelin shares his motorcycle with his sister

 Taelin taught Amika how to do a fat lip...PUT THAT FAT LIP AWAY
 Daddy has fun dressing his pretty little princess
 such a cute outfit! good job daddy!
 daddy loves his kids!
 daddy plays the play station and Amika and Taelin watch:)
 Daddy wears the boppy pillow...ALL THE TIME!
 Taelin wears cool bandanas on his head
 Taelin plays with his new friend Nathan...who is 4
 We go to Roller Derby shows

 Amika gets held by Trina Brooks
 And Brandi Fuller...Trina is sad

 Brandi and her daughter
 We watch Dalin's cheerleaders perform at the Roller Derby Show
 We play swords!