Wednesday, March 21, 2012

big day for taelin!

TAELIN CAN NOW PUT ON HIS UNDERWEAR AND HIS PANTS ALL BY HIMSELF!! He did it correctly 3 times today, but then when we were talking to daddy, he put both legs through 1 hole, so it looked like he was wearing a skirt! it was HILARIOUS! At least he is starting to want to dress himself and not have me do it for him.  He gets so mad if i try to help him, or other times he gets so mad if I don't help him....trying to keep up with his crazy 2 year old brain! WE ARE SO PROUD OF HIM!:) way to go buddy!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

yay for the Beach

we finally got to enjoy some beach time the other week and it was so much fun! This was Amika's first time, and she really enjoyed the sand on her feet.  Taelin is still kind off afraid of the ocean, but enjoys playing in the sand.  our friends Mandi and her 2 kids Zach and Bella came, as well as our friend Ashley and her son Nathan.
Taelin throwing the sand from his shovel.  He loves his new water shoes too!

Amkia all spread out over the towel:)


Digging in the sand

Sand feet

Mandi and Amika

Random Photos

Here are some random pictures.  Haven't really blogged in awhile so here are some pics:)
Taelin loves to LAY by his sister.  They were watching cartoons together.

The day Taelin locked himself in the changing room at the BX

Taelin laying with a pillow under his legs cuz daddy does

Walking his BULL....they do this ALL the time over here and I think it's HILARIOUS! Who would think to take a BULL for a walk on a leash! haha

Creepy eye girl!

Dalin surprised me with this movie and it made me super happy! He even watched it with me that night:)

Taelin playing out in the hall way with his friend Zachary.  Zachary let him wear his green lantern mask. Taelin LOVED it and thought it was the coolest thing to be wearing a mask!

YAY! a Valentines Package from my family!:) Taelin has so much fun with Harry Potter (Harry Potter loves to drive the car), he wore that woody ring all day, i love the I AM MOTHER book, and we of course LOVED the treats:) Thanks guys!

Taelin woke up from a nap, came out the couch, and fell asleep like this....I think he was still tired:) haha
Danica and Taelin sitting on their chairs watching cartoons

Then they were laying on the blanket for quiet time watching MONSTERS INC.  I love how they both had to lay on their tummies. 
Taelin playing with his dart gun

Amika fell asleep again doing tummy time....and she fell off of the pillow....
gave Taelin a hair cut, and this was all of his hair that he lost! :( Going to try something new with his hair so we had to chop it all off

Package from Grammy and Papa:) Love the stretchy guy.  Couldn't find Batman for this pic, but Taelin LOVES playing with his batman guy! And I just think this dress is ADORABLE! CANNOT WAIT FOR AMIKA TO FIT IN IT:)

just hanging out. 

Full of smiles

We wanted to eat some White Chocolate I taught Taelin how to spell his name with them:) Fun learning activity.  who doesn't love to learn if their is treats involved? :)

Taelin & Amika laying on Taelin's pillow before bed time.  Taelin just smacked himself in the face...he's a crazy kid

Amika's eyes are open and she is smiling, Taelins eyes are closed

Amika is smiling but not looking at the camera, Taelin is smiling, but still eyes are closed...THEY LOVE EACH OTHER! :)

Helping daddy win his football game on the play-station
 Mandi Anderson Fry and her family moved here a couple weeks ago, and I LOVE it! I love having a friend over here that I grew up with.  I love her and her family! They came over for dinner and then the kids played in the hall way while we all got to catch up.  It was so much fun! Mandi was making Amika smile so much too.  And her daughter Bella loves babies and was so happy when she got to hold Amika. 
little smile

sticking tongue out

wait for it comes...



Mandi and Amika

Amika's tired! I love that she is yawning.  Such a cute pic

Taelin LOVES to ride his scooter around the house:)
Amika Talking:)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2 month update

2 months old:
HEAD: 38 cm (51%)
WEIGHT:11.5 lbs (86%)
LENGTH: 57 cm (76%)
here are her 2 month pictures!

Love her cheeks!

What do you want?

Fell over!

So happy on her tummy! she was cooing the whole time!

Ya, Im 2 months old, read my shirt

Im going to punch you if you say that again

Such a happy little girl!