Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dinner with Chris

Sunday the 19th we had our friend Chris Petersen come over for dinner.  I made spaghetti with Giant Meatballs, Garlic breadsticks, and a salad.  For dessert we had PB bars that Taelin helped me make.  Dinner and dessert turned out AMAZING:)  We then played swords, played swords on the wii, as well as 100 pin bowling on the wii.  It was a fun night.  We missed Erica and Jaxen a lot though.  Cannot wait for them to come back:)
Amika's hair looks crazy in this pic...1 strand of hair hanging down her for head! haha
Chris letting Taelin wear his glasses
Chris holding Baby Amika

DR. Taelin

Taelin wants to grow up and become a doctor just like his uncle Michael

Sick Boy

Feb 16th-Taelin throwing up all morning:( He is still so adorable and so fun when he is sick.  while taking care of my poor sick son he did something really cute. I was finding something on my computer, Amika was in her swing playing....where is Taelin...I look around and see him playing with the stroller and his puppy, he puts his puppy in the stroller and then he climbs into the stroller. He then wants me to take him for a ride around the house. Amika starts crying because she wants to join in on the fun as well. Amika falls asleep so I put her in her crib. Taelin still wanted me to push him around the house. It's time for lunch so we go to the kitchen. Taelin wants crackers. So I get him some crackers, we calm down and say a prayer for our food, and then I start making mine and Dalin's lunch. Taelin is super quiet, so I go and look at him and he is sound asleep in his stroller. lol What a sick cute little boy! Here are pics of him on his sick day

Amika being the best little sister and sleeping while he is sick

Ready to go for our walk around the house with his puppy

PASSED OUT in his stroller

Got a Lightning McQueen Hat from his friend Harvey Angel

Sunday, February 19, 2012

got to experience our first

Today we went shopping at the BX today to get Dalin a nice church shirt.  Taelin went with Dalin in the dressing room…well he got out of the dressing room and I notice him going into a dressing room by himself, not a good thing, he now knows who to lock and un-lock doors.  Well before I could get to him he was in the dressing room and had locked it.  What a little stinker! We kept asking him if he would un-lock the door and he kept saying, “no.”  Well, while I was going to get help, Dalin was trying to un-lock the door and the door knob fell off…great! Well, after about 10 min of Taelin being locked in the room he finally took his side of the door knob off and handed it to Dalin underneath the door and Dalin was able to install it on his side and unlocked the door.  We all had a good laugh! Taelin is getting smarter and smarter everyday, we have got to keep an eye on him better! ) haha

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines day

what a great Valentines day.  Dalin has been gone for most of our Valentines, but this one he was here and it was great.  Taelin and him surprised me with a BEAUTIFUL white Michael Kors watch.  I have wanted a white watch since I saw the Blind Side and saw Sandra Bullock wear her white watch.  Good Job boys.  You did GREAT!
Dalin and I decided to get the kids some cute Valentines presents at the 100 yen store.   The kids loved them.  Taelin got a gun, that makes noise when you pull the trigger- and he also got a motorcycle toy.  Amika got her first purse.  It's pink with white polka dots and is so cute and little.  She also got 3 little hello kitty cups.  Taelin always makes sure that we each get one of her cups during the day.  Taelin also makes sure that Amika's purse is by her.  They also got these really cute boxes that say I LOVE YOU on them and they were filled with chocolate and starburst.  Taelin was so nice and would take a starburst out for him, and then Daddy and I would ask him where ours are and he would say, "oh ya" and then go back and give us one.  He is seriously so sweet!
I had a GREAT Valentines day and I am so happy that I got to share it with the ones that I love most!

Taelins big day!

Taelin said his first REAL sentence today! Seriously BIG DAY! We were at the dinner table and Daddy ate all of the pears.  So I look at him and say, "excuse me? were you going to save me any pears?" and he looks at me and say's, "my pears." (DALIN LOVES PEARS).  So I say "fine, will you get me some grapes please?" I am then eating my grapes and Taelin looks at me and says this sentence
He said, "mommy can I have a grape please?" We were so proud of him!! FIRST REAL SENTENCE! WAY TO GO TAELIN! He was so proud of himself too.  I can see more and more of these sentences in the near future! You amaze us everyday with the things you do and say!

1 month pics

Here are Amika's 1 month pictures! She has already grown so much.

umm what are you doing Amika? don't pull your shirt down, you are WAY to young to do that!

love her cute little legs and how she spreads her toes

shge is so happy!

And Taelin LOVES to take pics with her!

Amika picture update

pretty Amika

winking at us

BSU pics

wahoo!!! she loves the broncos

love her cute toes

Love the moccasins she got from her grammy 

she already knows how to sign PEACE! I love this picture!!

What the heck?

So happy!

Monday, February 13, 2012

1 month!

Amika is 1 month already! I cannot believe that my little girl is already a month.  Time seriously needs to SLOW down.  She has grown and changed so much.  I love her with all of my heart and am so happy to be her mother.  Looking at her, holding her, feeding her, dressing her, and a thousands other things I do with her brighten my day.  She is our little princess and our angel from God.  We couldn't be happier parents. 
My dear friend Rachel inspired me to do this. She kept a daily journal for her daughter to mark all those first milestones and I just loved her line a day so much that I thought I should do the same.
1.9.12. You were born at 6:15am and weighed 7lbs 11 oz with a FULL HEAD OF HAIR!:) I love it! You got to meet your older brother Taelin.  You were already such a GREAT sleeper, sleeping all day long and all night that I had to wake you up at 4am to feed you.  I really hope you continue to be that great of a sleeper.  You have hardly cried and you LOVE to cuddle.
1.10.12. You got to leave Lester Hospital around noon and come home:) Taelin was super excited to be sitting in the back seat with you.  You started crying on the way home because you were hungry and so Taelin tried to feed you his chicken nuggets.  We were laughing so hard.  Taelin is going to be such a great big brother to you.  We also asked him who was sitting in the car seat and he said BABY.  We then asked him 2 more times who was sitting by him and he said BABY.  The 4th time we asked him who was sitting next to him he said PUPPY.  We couldn't stop laughing.  Your brother LOVES puppies and has wanted a puppy again since we have got on island.  When you were in my belly he would sometimes say that you were going to be a puppy.  You also had A LOT of visitors.  Bethany Bronson came and brought us amazing Bran Muffins and then Linda Barton brought us dinner. Then Anissa and Van and Megan and Joe all came by to hold you.  Whenever anyone says you they always say that you are so beautiful and that they LOVE YOUR HAIR! You are so blessed to have a full head of dark dark hair.  That is what everyone loves about you! I cannot wait for it to keep growing so we can do cute hair dos.  You still feed amazing (every 3 hours) and you experienced hiccups for the first time. They were so cute!
1.11.12. You had to go back to the hospital today for your jaundice test and YOU PASSED! You weighed in at 7lbs 4 oz.  You were awake more today but HATE being dressed.  You don't like to straighten your arms or legs, so putting clothes on you is quite difficult.  You also hate getting dressed because you hate being cold (you get that from me)... But we are going to continue to play dress up so you will hopefully love to wear different outfits throughout the day.  Dad also got to feed you a bottle today and you took the bottle so great! Seriously you are such a good baby.  You drank the whole 5 oz bottle. WAY TO GO!
1.12.12. You got your 1st sponge bath at home and you LOVED it.  You cried for the first 5 sec, but then when the warm water touched your skin you got a smile on your face and had a great time.  I read my scriptures to you and you smiled and were awake the whole time.  It made me so happy that you already love the scriptures and are happy when I read them to you.  Jodie Hackman, Sis. Deriah, Allison and Olivia Matthews also come to meet you and of course they loved you! Tonight we experienced your first rough night.  You had a hard time sleeping and weren't loving on your swing either.  You just wanted to be cuddled. 
1.13.12. You smile ALL THE TIME and I seriously cannot get enough of it.  You were more awake today, which meant you slept better tonight:) We had to take me to the hospital at 430am because I thought I was bleeding to much (I wasn't) and you were crying in the car and wouldn't take your pacifier so daddy decided to turn on church music and you calmed right down and went right to sleep.  Ashley and Nathan Miller came to meet you and loved you! We used gas drops on you today and are hoping that they help calm down your farts and you belly.
1.14.12. SUCH A GOOD MORNING!  Taelin and I read books to you today.  Taelin read you PRINCESS BABY and his I Spy book.  He would grab your hand and point to the picture that I asked him to find.  FIRST tummy time (40 sec long).  You did GREAT.  You cried the whole time, but were kicking your legs great and lifting up your head.  I felt like a horrible mother afterwards though because I remembered you still had your umbilical cord attached and you were probably screaming so bad because your stomach was hurting.  I am so sorry baby girl! We will try tummy time again once it has fallen off.  NEW RECORD of total time awake. You were awake for a total of 3 hours! You also met Lute Richards, Michelle Angel and Andrea Keezel.  They love you as well!
1.15.12. You gave me the BIGGEST smile from ear to ear at my 3am feeding.  I asked if you would give me another one and you looked at me and gave me a fat lip and glared at me.  1 big smile was enough for you.  Taelin really wanted to go to church today, but since you and I weren't going and daddy couldn't go because his body was in pain he went with the Bartons.  He came home early because he had peeded on Ali Schooley.  He fell asleep on her lap and when he woke up he peeded his pants.  Ali said "no worries, it was warm".  We have such a great branch.  Since we didn't go to church we OF COURSE played dress up.  You got to wear dresses for the first time and you looked so pretty in them.  Since we didn't go to church I taught you about Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life and also about the Brass plates.  Melissa Johnson came over that afternoon so she could hold you.  Daddy was happy she came over because she brought him girl scout cookies.  You love to sleep with your hands by your face and they are in a fist usually touching a cheek.  Tonight you got to play with Taelin and all of his stuffed animals.  You were also so nice to Taelin and let him use all of your blankets so you and him could lay on them and play with his stuffed animals.  He would come out of his room, holding one of your blankets, and would ask you if he could use that blanket.  You were so kind to let him use them. 
1.16.12. YAY your umbilical cord came off:)  And we filed your nails.  You also got to go to your first roller derby match and also got to see daddy's cheerleaders perform at half time.  They all loved you and of course wanted to hold you, but we didn't let them because you are still so little.  You did meet the Brook's family and Trina got to hold you.  She didn't want to give you up.  You also met Brandie Fuller and Brooklyn (her daughter). 
1.17.12. You are starting to use your tongue a lot and tonight at dinner you stuck it out.  Daddy was so nice to use today, HE WENT GROCERY SHOPPING FOR US.  You slept A LOT today, which was good for me because I got to catch up on some sleep.  You got to talk to your cousin Beckam for a little bit before you fell back to sleep  You also go to experience your stroller. We took you on a walk to the park and you slept the whole time. 
1.18.12. You look A LOT like Taelin today.  You got a bath and daddy dressed you in such a cute outfit.  He also swept, mopped and vacuumed.  You have the best daddy EVER! You got to play football on the play-station with daddy and helped him win the National Championship game.  You also are starting to notice objects and faces more rather than just the light. 
1.19.12. You love to play Patty Cake patty cake and clap your hands.  You got your passport picture and looked so cute.  You are so lucky to already have a passport.  Daddy fed you another bottle today and you drank the whole thing.  He loves his one on one time with you.  You also got to watch American Idol for the first time and then had a sleepover with me in my room, while daddy and taelin had a sleepover in the front room.  I loved spending time with you so much today.  We even had the house to ourselves for about an hour while daddy and taelin went to story-time.  You helped me update the blog and order pictures. 
1.20.12. You got to talk to Grammy and Ty & Heidi on goggle+ and they all wish they could hold you and kiss you.  You slept in your swing from 11pm-8am.  I love the days you love your swing:)
1.21.12. This morning we went to my friends Andrea's baby shower.  You slept for a little bit and then woke up and Melissa held you and you of course went back to sleep.  You also had YOUR FIRST BLOW OUT! I still don't know how babies can have blow outs when all they drink is milk, but you were so happy after that blow out.  You can also hold your purple star:) You got to say hello to Annette and Grandma and Grandpa on google+ and they love you so much. 
1.22.12. Aunt Net's birthday. So sad we couldn't be there for her party, but we got to call her and sing to her:)  You were awake from 8am-noon.  I thought for sure you would fall asleep but you didn't, you wanted to play with Taelin and I all morning. You did a funny thing today.  I was cuddling you and then you fell asleep so I put you in your pack and play and then you FARTED and smiled.  You are so your mom and dad's kid.  You also had a rough night.  You wouldn't sleep in your swing or in your pack and play. You would only sleep if one of us was holding you. 
1.23.12. 2 weeks old today!!!! My first day ALONE with you and Taelin..daddy had to go back to work.  You were grumpy and having a hard time this morning for about 30 min, but after that you were great.  You slept from 1040-200, which made Taelin and I super happy.  you got dressed in A LOT of outfits today for your 2 week birthday.  We got a package from grammy and papa and there was a new dress in it for you so we dressed you in that as well.  Taelin also got a football shirt and had to put it on right away, sleep with it, and then wore it the next day.  He also got a percy pez toy that he takes with him everywhere and even had to sleep with it.  You also got your toe nails painted for the first time at the Johnson's house and they look super cute. The Johnson's have a puppy, so you got to meet a puppy as well.  You loved their puppy and their puppy LOVES you.  She gave you a bath basically and cleaned out your ear.  You also ROLLED OVER FROM TUMMY TO BACK 3 TIMES.  YOU ARE SO STRONG! I am so happy that we got it on video.  You had such an amazing 2 week birthday!
1.24.12. We got to go to your 2 week doctors apt and you weighed 8 lbs 6 oz putting you in the 58%.  It looks like we are going to be have an outie belly button just like me. :) When daddy came home from work you only wanted him, so daddy read you his batman comics and you really enjoyed them. 
1.25.12. ANOTHER HUGE BLOW OUT today.  Way to go!
1.26.12. You absolutely LOVE tummy time.  Most of the time you fall asleep while on your tummy. You also got to play at the Johnson's this morning while mommy had to get her teeth cleaned.  Danica calls all of her babies, except her black baby, baby Amika.  She loves to play with you. 
1.27.12. You are starting to get baby acne and it makes me sad.  I hope it goes away soon.  You love to have your back and bum patted.  You also laughed today! And your hair is starting to turn brown in some spots.  It makes your hair look like you have really cute highlights. 
1.29.12. 1st time recognizing faces and toys and FOLLOWING them.  We had a lot of fun moving around objects so you could follow them.  Your head and neck are getting so strong. You were also constipated today and it made me sad.  I hate to see when you are in pain.  I hope you poop soon.
1.30.12. WAHOO YOU POOPED, it wasn't until late at night, but you did it and I was so proud of you! You did not like your back at all today, so it was either tummy time or me holding you.  You just love to be around all of us.  It's so cute.  If we are playing in the front room and then I leave to go get something and Taelin or daddy aren't where you can see them you start crying and getting really sad.  I love that all of use love to be around one another.  It makes me happy that you are that way too:)
1.31.12. You absolutely love your pink and purple bird shaker toy.  If you are crying we get that toy and shake it for you and then you stop crying.  Taelin loves to help shake it for you.   You got dressed up in your blessing dress and wore your cute Indian Moccasins from Grammy.  Seriously you looked SO PRETTY!!!!
2.1.12. You went 5.5 hrs between feedings during the night time and that made me so happy.  You broke your record of 4. 
2.2.12. ANOTHER BLOW OUT.  So happy you had one because it had been 2.5 days since your last poop.  I am so sorry if it something I am eating that is causing you to be constipated.  I have limited my intake of dairy, and let me tell you it is hard.  I am now on lactaide milk and don't have yogurt. It's hard, but I am doing the best I can so I can feed you good milk and feed you milk that won't hurt your little tummy.  I will do anything and everything for you.  I love you so much. Tonight you and Taelin were my great little helpers.  You guys helped me make PB cookies.  We had a lot of fun.
2.3.12. today you hardly have any baby acne:)
2.4.12. Daddy had to go into work today, which was sad because we had a great Saturday planned.  You got to go to your first birthday party. We went to Rylea's birthday party this morning at the park and you slept the WHOLE party.  There was super loud music playing and you still stayed asleep.  Everyone couldn't believe you slept through all the noise.  You are such a great sleeper.  That afternoon we went to the Johnson's house to play and you stayed awake sitting in their Toy Story chair.  You are so happy when you are sitting up.  I cannot wait for you to be strong enough to sit on your own. 
2.5.12. 1st time at church and everyone loved you.  You did so great too.  You slept almost all of church, just waking up to feed.  You look A LOT like Taelin today.  You also had a new record of 6 hours between feedings! Way to go.  You know how to make your mommy happy. 
2.6.12. We went to our wic apt and you weigh 9lbs 4.5 oz which puts you in the 50%.  You also stood for 2 sec, that's another new record. 
2.7.12. You wanted to break another record, standing for 30 sec.  Your little legs are getting super strong. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Scuba Diving

Dalin got Scuba Certified the week of Jan 15th and he LOVED it! here are some pics of his first time in the ocean Scuba Diving:)

The eel Dalin found

A sea Urchin

Under water!

His group getting ready to go

I cannot wait to get scuba certified next:)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Danica & Taelin best friends

Danica and Taelin are such good friends.  They have so much fun together! we are so excited to be moving closer to them this week:) Here are some pics of them hanging out
Giving each other hugs

Drawing in the car

Playing in the bath

Pouring water on taelin

Amika meeting Haole their dog
Danica teaching Taelin his shapes

Taelin holding the wand, wearing the Dora sun glasses, and wearing a bracelet while shoving his face with a Girl Scout Cookie