Thursday, September 29, 2011

Throwing/Cathcing Football

Taelin is getting really good at throwing AND catching a football.  He loves practicing with mommy & daddy! Here are some pics and videos of him:)His faces are SO FUNNY!


I saw this way cute Toy Story Shaving kit on Amazon and HAD to buy it for Taelin.  When it came in the mail he was SO excited! I would have to say that SHAVING with DADDY is his FAVORITE thing to do! And boy is he good at it:)

This week

this week has been hard but A LOT of fun. Dailn went to Jungle Warfare Training on Sunday, and got back Friday.  Taelin and I missed him so much.  Everything was about Daddy when he was gone.  If we were outside playing Taelin would yell DADDY as loud and as many times as he could.  If we were coloring a picture, Taelin was always coloring a picture for DADDY.  If we were playing with his play dough, Taelin was always making something for DADDY.  It was so adorable.  He loves his Daddy so much and is SO happy now that he is home!
Here is a re-cap of what we did when he was gone:
Sunday: Dropped him off, went to church, Taelin not so good in nursery (had to sit with me the 3rd hour).  Taelin napped from 415-515 and then we had some dinner, played with play dough and the bubbles.  When we were outside blowing bubbles Taelin kept asking for Daddy.  So I told him that he was up high in the mountains camping.  So Taelin would jump up high and say DADDY.  He thought he was up high on the roof....when he couldn't find daddy he was really sad and started to cry:(.  Then Taelin took a bath and we watched THE SECRET OF NIMH 2. 
Monday: I had my doctors apt and I have gained 16 lbs so far:) The babies heart beat was 157 and is doing awesome.  Taelin had a speech therapy apt that morning and it went GREAT! He doesn't have to do speech therapy, which we were happy about.  He is right on track with understanding things, but is in the range of a 21 month old for speaking.  But is improving every day! That day we learned the letter J, did his ABC's, and then he got to watch some videos on the computer.  When Taelin woke up from his nap he played with Olivia and Paige and popped some bubbles.  That night we had our fun sleepover at the Pedersens.
Tuesday: I had to baby sit at the co-op from 345-1115.  We came home and had lunch and went though a bag of clothes and shoes that Erica gave us.  She gave us Jaxens old Lightning McQueen shoes and Taelin is ATTACHED to them.  He wears them everywhere and is so happy when he gets to put them on.  Everything is about Lightning McQueen these days.  That night I dropped him off to play with Kyson so I could go to our relief society activity.  We made bags out of t-shirts (mine was of course made out of a BOISE STATE T-SHIRT), and also a really cute pumpkin decoration.  They turned out so cute.  I am glad that I got my crafts done because Julie called me and told me that Taelin wasn't doing good:( So I rushed home and Taelin was crying so hard.  It made me so sad.   Taelin always has such a hard time when I leave him with other people when Dalin is gone....I think that he thinks that both of us left him and aren't coming back.  poor little guy.  He was of course happy when I picked him up, so we came home and watched TANGLED. Taelin fell asleep on the couch watching the movie with his Lightning McQueen shoes on.
Wednesday Taelin & I drove to Foster to turn in our paperwork for the CDC.  The apt. took about 15 min, and the drive took us 35 min, and I didn't' want to put Taelin back in the car, so we went to the PX and found Taelin 2 toys for doing so well at potty training.  He picked out A BIG THING OF BUBBLES, and a cookie monster play dough set.  He really wanted this Lightning McQeen race car set, but it was to expensive.  So maybe another day he will get it:) On our way home we stopped by the commissary to get our WIC items and then came home and had lunch and played with the new play dough set.  It is so much fun.  While Taelin was napping I did the wash and started this fun HAPPY FALL craft:)  I can't wait to finish it and hang it on our door.  When Taelin woke up from naps he played with Olivia for a little bit and then we had dinner and went to scouts.  The boys all had a really fun time.  We passed off about 5 achievements and they finished making their den flag.  Taelin was NOT tired when we got home, since he didn't wake up from his nap until 415, so we made our CHOCOLATE CHIP CRINKLES.  They turned out so good and taste so yummy!! Taelin and I played hide and seek and chased each other around the house.  Taelin was laughing so hard I wish I could have gotten a video of it. His laugh is so cute and I love it when I get him laughing so hard!! It was a really fun night. I think Taelin went to bed around 1000 pm.
Thursday: WHAT A ROUGH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was like Taelin woke up on the wrong side of the bed and decided that he was going to disobey EVERYTHING that I told him and DISOBEY EVERY rule.  It was HARD! But we did get through the day, which is great:)  Taelin had story time at the library at 1000, which he loved, and that afternoon I went to go try on Marine Ball dresses and found one that I LOVE! And I only had to pay $60 for it! I am so in love with it! My friend at church (Jessica Poppell) is going to  add sleeves to the dress or make a jacket for the dress.  It is going to be so pretty:) Cannot wait to wear it!:) That night after dinner we went on a walk with Allison and Olivia.  Then it was bath-time and bed time!
Friday: Taelin slept in until 830, which was HEAVEN to me! We chatted with my family really quick and then Linda and Paige came over and we all hung out and chatted.  Then Jessica Poppell and her 2 kids came over as well.  Jessica looked at the dress, and also took my scout shirt to make it short sleeved:)  The kids all had fun playing.  When they all left we had lunch and then made Daddy a Welcome Home Sign.  Taelin had so much fun coloring pictures for daddy! :)  Then we went outside and played with the soccer ball, chased butterflies, and ran around.  Taelin took a nap and I caught up on my recipe book and blogging:) pics to come later:)

Monday, September 19, 2011

i love the fall!!!!!!

Just another update on us:) Short and sweet and to the point:)
Watching BOISE STATE FOOTBALL! We love our broncos!

Taelin was SO exited about this NEW drum set he got from his Grammy and Papa!
He loves to drum!!! Especially to Little Einsteins when they drum one of the episodes!
A chain Taelin helped me make until Amika is here! He loves taking a chain off every Thursday:)

The CUTEST wall art!! I have never done wall art before, but I decided to try it out and LOVED it! I think it turned out so good!
A bunch of clothes that were sent from Grammy & Papa! :)


Taelin in his bronco gear that Grammy & Papa sent him! He wanted to wear BOTH shirts! The shorts are so dang cute, but they fall off of him....hopefully he will grow soon so he can wear them! cuz i lOVE THEM!

Wanting to put on his OTHER cool shirt he got!! He also got that HUGE pen and Boise State paper to color on:) thanks guys! you rock!

this is my most favorite shirt of his now!!!!!! so adorable!

Dalin & Taelin watching Boise State Football...this was a pretty intense game against Toledo...well the first 1/2 was, but the broncos came out with a win:) 40-15:) go broncos!! I love that Taelin was so comfy laying like that on the ground and then Dalin is wrapped up all in his blanket, with it over his head....silly boys!

Taelin also got PLATO from Grammy & Papa and I think they found his new LOVE!! Seriously Taelin plays with this ALL THE TIME! he sometimes doens't even want to go play outside because he wants to play with Plato! He loves to make balls, and circles, and babies, and cars, and puppies, and make things for daddy! It's so cute! Looks like I need to get him a really BIG plato set now!!! :)

 Last night (Monday the 19th), Taelin & I spent the night with Erica and Jaxen.  Taelin & Jaxen had so much fun together.  We got to make this really fun Fall craft as well.  Erica is so crafty I love it! The boys had so much fun making their Turkey farm.  For some reason Taelin DID NOT like the paint on his hands and was getting so mad about it...but we quickly did it and then put them in the bath.  Jaxen wanted to put his hand on Taelin's paper too....and Erica drew my spider web:) So I have a bit of EVERYONE in his Turkey Farm:) I think they turned out so dang cute~ It was so much fun! Jaxen had fun putting hand prints on Taelin's back! Such silly boys! After bath time we made HOME-MADE POPSICLES, which were AMAZING, and then watched THE LION KING (my most favorite Disney movie ever) while Erica practiced doing my hair for the Marine Corps ball.  It turned out really cute.  Well the boys went to bed around 1130, and Erica and I went to bed around what a fun late night!!! Taelin & I had to wake up early to baby sit at the co-op this morning, so it's been a crazy day!
His turkey farm!:)

 Taelin's new favorite thing is LIGHTNING MCQUEEN! Has to take his car with him everywhere..he calls him ME.  It's so cute!!
showing off his NEW Lightning McQueen shoes and knee pads he got from Jaxen:)
he LOVES them so much! the shoes light up when he walks too...he LOVES that!

Here are some videos of Taelin.  The 1st one is of Taelin playing with Olivia's new kitchen.  They both thought it was SO funny when Taelin spit out the corn on the cob! Olivia was laughing so hard! It was ADORABLE! 

 The 2nd video is of Taelin learning how to kick the soccer ball!

Friday, September 16, 2011

an update on us!!

Taelin: We just started POTTY TRAINING this week and it is going AMAZING! Taelin is in 1 pull up at nap time and 1 diaper at night-time and the rest of the day is in his SUPER HERO underwear.  He is LOVING going potty and becoming a big boy.  He says poo-poo, pee, or potty whenever he needs to go to the bathroom.  He sometimes throws BIG tantrums when he needs to go potty, so getting him to the bathroom is difficult, but once he is on the potty he is so proud of himself and says YAY, YAY YAY! He already knows that after he goes potty he gets a treat, so he runs right to the pantry to get his treat! This boy is SO SMART! His new favorite word is OH.  He will ask a question, and then you answer it and his response is "OH".  It's so cute!!! He is also talking so much more! We work on a word a day, and he is doing awesome! He loves to COPY Dalin & I, and he LOVES TO sing songs! His most favorite songs are: I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE, BOOK OF MORMON STORIES, AND TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR.  We also started going to the lap-sit story time at the library once a week and he LOVES going to this.  We sing songs, read 2 books, do bubbles, and play some instruments.  He LOVES the teacher and is sad to leave when it's done.  He gives a standing ovation after EVERY song, and is just so happy! I love going to this with him! He loves to kick the soccer ball, and of course LOVES to still play basketball.  His basketball has to go everywhere with him! It's so funny.  When we tickle Taelin he sometimes likes it, but then sometimes says OWIE, just like his mother does:)  He is growing up so quickly and we are so proud of him.  We love him so much! 
Dalin: He is super busy with work and is also taking 2 college classes on-line that take up a lot of his time as well.  He really enjoys the classes he is taking.  He is also volunteering 2 times a week with cheer-leading and gymnastics and the girls love him.  They also love watching Taelin:)  He loves spending time playing with us at night time and on the weekends and loves playing his PS3. He is loving working out as well, and taught Taelin how to play rugby.  He is also starting an ultimate frisbee team. 
Jennie: I am 24 weeks now, and am doing great! I am un-able to work out now, because it hurts my body so bad. So we usually go on walks after dinner, and i LOVE that.  It feels so good at night-time.  I just transferred over 10000 pictures to our hard-drive and am in the process of organizing them.  I am trying to play the piano everyday, and am loving taking care of Taelin.  We work on a letter a day, and I made some flash cards for him as well.  I am getting into couponing so I can save us some more money.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day weekend!

Friday was the start of Dalin's labor day weekend.  We had so much fun.  Friday night we went to our friends house the Bakers and had dinner.  Krista made homemade flat bread pizzas.  They were so good.  They have 3 girls, and Taelin had a lot of fun playing with them.  They have a play kitchen and Taelin LOVES these right now.  So he was having fun making us some dinner:) They had fun playing duck duck goose and jumping and running around the house.
Saturday we had a picnic outside while Taelin & Dalin played in the Taelin's pool ( I wasn't allowed in the pool...dudes only).  We watched the TCU game, which was amazing cuz they lost, and then it was time to go to Cars2:)

We were all so exited to see the movie. It started at 2:00 and Taelin hadn't napped, so he of course fell asleep in the car.  He got a 20 min nap, better than nothing right? This was Taelin's FIRST movie that we have taken him too since he was about 8 months old ( he was just to hard to keep track of at the movies because all he wanted to do was move around or run around the theater.  So we were about scared to see how Taelin would do).  Well he did AWESOME! We met the Pedersens there and Taelin had fun watching the movie with Jaxen.  We got some popcorn, and Taelin sat on Dalin's lap almost the whole movie.  The movie was SO good.  We liked it A LOT!
After the movie the Pedersen's came over to our place and we all hung out and then made Taco Salad for dinner.  After dinner we went and played in the park.  It was a very fun Saturday!
Sunday was the BIG BSU GAME! We were so happy that we got to watch it. It was on from 9-1230 over in Japan, which was AWESOME, since we have church at 1:00pm.  We all had so much fun watching the game.  BSU came out with the win over Georgia, which was AMAZING! The first quarter was scary, but our Broncos are so good and kept up the hard work and came out with the win!! So happy! The score was ???????
Taelin fell asleep on the way to church, but was awesome at church and did nursery all by himself:) So proud of him!! He had a lot of fun too.  Right after church we drove to the Peace Memorial Park.  It was so beautiful and so peaceful.  This park is ................
It was so nice that we went on a Sunday because there weren't a lot of people their.  The drive was LONG though...1.5 hours....and on the way home Taelin got car sick and didn't have any food in his stomach that just as we were pulling into a mcdonalds he threw up:( Poor little man! I felt so bad for him.  He was a champ though.  We got some water, a drink, and an ice cream.  He rode with me in the back seat for the rest of the drive and was so good.  We had dinner when we came home and then he took a bath and then it was bedtime.  What a fun Sunday!

Monday was LABOR DAY.  we had a really fun day.  We hung out in the morning and that afternoon our neighbors, the Freemans, had a BBQ.  We were there from 1130-2.  Taelin had fun with his friends, and we had a great time chatting with our friends. The food was so good too!! Taelin came home and took a nap and Dalin & I relaxed.  When Taelin woke up we played outside with Olivia.  That night at 630 we went to the park to watch Dalin and some of his buddies play glow in the dark ultimate frisbee.  It was a lot of fun to watch and Dalin had a lot of fun playing.  Taelin always has such a hard time going to these events, because all he wants to do is stay by Dalin.  But he ended up having a good time and once the game was over Taelin was happy to have Daddy again.  haha  Came home and watched Casino Royal and then Dalin started throwing up all night.:( felt so bad for him:(
Tuesday Taelin was the BEST doctor to Dalin and we just hung out at home and played.  I took Taelin to the park so Dalin could take a nap, and Taelin of course had the best time on the swings! That night Dalin FINALLY started to feel a little bit better.  We just stayed at the house and played.  I made White Chocolate Chip Scones, that turned out amazing!
All in all we had A GREAT Labor Day weekend!!!
We are getting really excited to go to the aquarium this weekend!!!! It's one of the biggest aquariums in the WORLD!
It was so fun talking to family and friends online as well.  Love technology!