Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trip to Boise Part 1

we are here in Boise and are having so much fun.  mom flew me and the kids.  we sure do miss Dalin and Achilles.  Here is pics of our flight over and what we have been doing

BATMAN was ready for the plane ride:)

Hanging out at the Portland Airport
Nobody was sitting next to us, which ROCKED, so Amika had fun playing in her own seat with toys! miss INDEPENDENT!

Taelin watched Mickey Mouse, and some of Chicken Little:)

And of course played with his toys!

A MIRACLE!!! Amika fell asleep on me, that's like the 2nd time in her entire life she has done that!!!

Met Papa at Sizzler and ate dinner! Taelin followed him EVERYWHERE!
Taelin loves GRANDPA!
And of course riding on his new lawn mower!

Climbing at the new park

Mom bought a pool for the kids to play in.  It was a big hit!

Taelin loves going for rides in the wheel barrow


Amika playing with all the toys at Grammy and Papa's house

He got to mow the lawn again! Seriously he is loving this vacation!

I wonder if he really thinks he is driving it! haha

Playing the piano for FHE and other nights with grandma

Teryiaki Chicken rice bowl at a new restaurant

Amika playing with Grandma


Centennial Homecoming Football game! It was so fun.  Saw Courtney Christensen Douglas, Burress, and sat with the Batemans.  What a fun date Taelin

Even if you fell down the bleachers and bit your lip and had a fat lip

Mom took me to the JV soccer game on Wed and Taelin had a fun time watching, but also playing football with this 8 year old

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amika 8 months old

I cannot believe that my little baby is now 8 months old! boy does time fly! she gets cuter and cuter by the day! We sure do love her! Here is what she can do now
1: Knows her name
2: Bear Crawls and pulls herself up onto things
3: Gets scared when someone yells or something is to loud
4: can hold her own bottle
5: can pick up toys and play with them
6: gives open mouth kisses
7: naps 2 times a day
8: loves to suck on her finger and have a burp cloth to hold onto close by her face
9: doesn't really like the bath anymore, she would rather try to get out of the bath, it's cute to see that little leg go up and down trying to get out
10: she can make a spitting noise with her lips
11: can do her hair in pig tails and ponytails, SHE HATES IT THOUGH!
12: hates to get dressed!
Here are her 8 month pictures:) ENJOY!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Every Year Dalin gets free tickets to sea world for being in the military.  We had so much fun!
We got to see Elmo and friends

Taelin super excited to have some dippin dots:)

Amika so excited to be on a ride seeing the world:)


Taelin was to scared to take a pic with Elmo and Zoe

Ernie over there

The whales

Taelin and daddy going on a ride



Taelins new favorite stuffed animal.  He didn't ask for anything until we went and saw the penguins.  He grabbed this little guy and was super happy.  We just had to get it for him:!)