Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amika's 1st

So in the last 2 days Amika has experienced 2 new things.
1: A movie at the theaters, went and saw THE DARK KNIGHT RISES:) and she loved it so much that she slept through the whole movie!
2: A cold:( She has a cough, a super bad runny nose, and is warm:(  She is teething, so I am sure it is from that, but she was up all night long.  She is miserable, and I hate seeing her like this.  I hope she gets better soon!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Surprise Trip Part 2

After Utah, we headed to Boise to surprise Dalin's parents.  Boy was ReNea surprised! It was so much fun! So sad it went way to quickly.  We started out by going to the zoo:)

Then we had a dinner at Sherri's with a bunch of friends! Taelin had so much fun with Nora.  he was nice enough to share his grapes and his mac&cheese with her:) Their first little date:)

Then grandpa wanted to show Taelin his new toy! Boy was Taelin excited!!!

On our way home from Boise we stopped in Twin Falls to meet our newest Neice.  BreElle.  She is so pretty! It was fun seeing nieces and nephews.  We also got to meet Ryan:)

What a fun Vacation! Can't wait for the next one:)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Surprise Trip Part 1

We had the most fun surprise trip to Utah and Boise.  We left to Utah July 1st to surprise my family for the 4th of July.

on our way:)

holding his sister

cutest little driver

fun foumtain to run through at the new mall
fun at the park

We stayed with Troy and Maura from Mon-Wed.  We had fun playing the kinect, going to a reservoir, having a BBQ, went to the new mall in downtown Salt Lake City, and just hanging out.  We left Wednesday morning around 8am to surprise my family.  All of my family was at Mel and Christians, except for Alan and Jen:(  We knocked on the door, and Jaden and Kyler opened the door, and Jaden yelled that Taelin was at the door, nobody believed him, until they came around the corner.  There were tears going all around.  It was so fun! We had such a fun 4th of July.  Here are some pics from our fun day:)

what cute cousins

cute girl!

LOVE this picture!

playing some baseball

kids playing with his Aunt Net

Fell asleep at the park

love my sisters!

playing with Uncle Dalin

At Stadium of Fire

Love her outfit!

doing Pop Its

Amika loves her Grandpa!

Scotty McCreery

Our little family;)

Watching RIO

Playing Cards

yay we found Rachel:)

Taelin was scared again during the fireworks, just kept saying he was scared, and Amika LOVED them! Loved the colors and the noise:) FUn 4th of July!