Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

3 month pics!

Wow! cannot believe my little girl is already 3 months old! Boy does time fly! She is getting so big and so strong.  She LOVES to suck on her fingers.....that's going to be hard to get rid of...if you put the binky in her mouth she starts to scream and cry, so then you take the binky out, she finds her fingers, and she is one happy girl! She is 100% formula fed now and is doing great.  She still is super particular when you are feeding her though...gotta be in a perfect up right position and need to burp her every 2 oz....otherwise she will puke all over you.  She loves kisses, hugs, being pushed in a stroller, self soothing, music, colors, and her brother, AND MOST OF ALL BATH TIME!.  Here are some  3 month pics of our pretty little princess! :) HAPPY 3 MONTH BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!

3 months

3.9.12- 2 months old! I cannot believe it! time has gone by way to fast.  You had your 2 month shots today, and I was so sad for you all day:( luckily you didn't have your apt till did great too.  You screamed like NO OTHER when you go your shots, but 5 min later you were fine, and the rest of the day you did great.  You smiled at me when we were getting your tylenol and that made me feel so much better. I hate going and getting your shots and holding you down, so it made me feel so good when you smiled at me.  :) That night for your 2 month birthday we went and saw THE LORAX.  It was super cute, and you were awake for a lot of the movie too.  HAPPY 2 MONTHS:)
3.10.12- went to the airport to pick up a marine, and cried in the car for 20 not like you:( it made me really sad.  we were all happy when you stopped crying.
3.11.12- Still have a stuffy/runny nose:( I hope it goes away soon! You did great in church today, and Trina Brooks held you again. She LOVES you! You are also talking so much more and love to carry on conversations with us.  Tonight you got to lay with Taelin in his bed while we sang I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE, and you had the biggest smiles on your face.  I love that you LOVE your brother!
3.14.12- You cried for 40 min off and on last night...from was a rough night! i think I ate something you DIDN'T like and I am so sorry.  I hate it when you are so sad and I can't do anything to make you happy.  Rocking you, walking with you, trying to get you to take the binky, holding you in 1000 different positions, etc, nothing was working for ya.  Glad you finally calmed down and finally slept.
3.15.12- Ashely calmed you down at the Co-op, and you finally smiled at her, that made her so happy! Your smile will brighten ANYONE'S day! 
3.16.12- Got to go to our branch camp out, where we didn't camp out. haha we were there for about 5 hours and you had a great time.  Everyone wanted to hold you!! You are sure loved at our branch! You are also finally down to a schedule and it ROCKS! You eat at 5am, then again around 8-830, and then every 3 hours after that.  Your last feeding of the night is between 7-8 and you go to bed between 830 and 930 and sleep the whole night! You make me a very happy mommy!
3.17.12- YOUR FIRST ST. PATRICK'S DAY! you looked so dang cute too~ Grammy & Papa sent you a bib that said BABIES FIRST ST. PATRICK'S DAY and a shamrock rattle and when we checked the mail we had a package! We were so excited that it got here just in time:) You also got to say hello to daddy tonight and that made you very happy.  You fell asleep while talking to him and watching INVICTUS on the T.V.  (one of daddy's favorite movies).  It made daddy happy that you were watching his favorite movie while he was gone:)
3.18.12- You talk and talk and talk and talk all day long!! You told Grandma and Grandpa a lot of stories when we were skyping them after church.  You also smiled all day at Taelin.  Taelin wanted to hold you a lot today, and every time he held you, you got so happy.
3.19.12- You crack me up!! You are such a girl! You woke up at 2am....not to feed.....but to talk.....and you wanted to talk for a LONG time.....till 3am.......I can see a lot of those night happening when you are older...but not when you are already 2 months old....I guess you are starting me out now, so then Im ready for when you are older:) Finally at 3am I fed you so you would go back to sleep.  I love you baby girl! And you can wake me up anytime to talk to me:)
3.20.12-Taelin picked your outfit this morning and guess what he picked? a puppy onesie.  He loves puppies! haha
I noticed today when I was bathing you that you have a birth mark on the left side of your tummy.  It's just a little one, but it's super cute.  You LOVED bath time today (well you love it every time), but today was different.   If I had all day to just sit with you and bathe you I would.  You got the BIGGEST smiles on your face when I poured that water over your head, I kept doing it and doing it.  But we eventually had to get out of the bath and get your dressed in your jammies so we could be ready for when Daddy called us that night.  Well, I got you out of the bath, Taelin picked your jammies, and then I put you in your bouncer and you were OUT.  At about 930 that night you woke up and I was super excited because we were talking to Daddy (I swear you knew that and so you woke up:) You played a little game of hide and seek with daddy, and it was adorable. 
3.21.12-  You curl your toes just like daddy and your brother.  It cracks me up.
You are starting to learn your name. If someone says Amika, you look around for them and then smile when you find them.
You spit up A LOT today.  I'm not worried about it because you are still gaining weight and are happy, but it makes me sad when you spit up so much.  I am trying to make sure your head is in a good position the whole time, and am making sure you burp throughout feedings, and then sit up after feedings for at least 10 min.  It is sometimes hard for me to remember, but I am working on it.
3.22.12- You LOVE Music and colors.  If it's quiet at all, you get so mad and start crying.  It's like you are reminding us that we need to be talking to each other.  haha  You are so sweet!
3.23.12- Cheryl, our neighbor, was holding you before bed time and you laughed in your sleep.  You must have been dreaming of something that was funny:) It was so cute! You did it 3 times, and each time you would get the biggest smile on your face.
3.24.12- Your BROTHER LOVES you so much.  While I was getting ready, I told Taelin that he could get special quiet time.  I gave him a piece of light blue paper and some spring stickers and told him that he could make a special Spring/Easter card for someone.  When he was all done, I asked him who he made it for, and he said, "Baby" (with the biggest smile ever).  I told him that when you woke up, he could run into your room and give her the picture he made.  Right when he heard you cry, he looked at me and was like, "baby, then looked around and RAN to your crib and said "up".  When you saw his face, you got the biggest smile ever.  I told him to run and get the picture he made for you.  He said, "Amika, here's a special card I made for you." Both of you got the biggest smiles on your face.
3.25.12- Last night was a rough night with Taelin ( he really misses daddy), we didn't get to bed until 1230am.  You are such a little angel and slept through it all, and didn't wake up till I woke you at 6am to feed.  You have the sweetest spirit and are my special angel sent from God.  You help me remember not to yell, and to be happy.  If I start to get frustrated with anything, I look at you, and your face reminds me that I need to do things with enthusiasm and with the spirit.  When I tell myself that I am sorry for acting like that and thank you for reminding me, you SMILE.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Dyed Easter Eggs with our friends the Johnsons, Amika's first time:) It was fun! Love dying Easter Eggs
look at that belly!

here we go

Taelin's friend Danica


Taelin LOVED putting Stickers on his eggs, he even put stickers on Amika's Egg. What a nice big brother

daddy helping out

Amika loves Melissa

Amika LOVES her Grandma! Today they decided to dress as twins in purple:) AND today was Amika's first ponytail:)