Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CRAZY crazy fun week!!!

WOW!! What a week!! So glad it's over! it was fun, but boy was it exhausting! Lets start with Monday:)
Taelin got to see Ms. Sherri at Therapy, and was super excited.  He had digressed a little bit, totally normal, but did a great job.  At 4:00 I took Taelin to karate to see if he liked it.  When we got there no kids were there, so Taelin wanted to go home.  He was to nervous to do anything.  It was so funny to watch, because he is never nervous.  I think it was because it was a totally different atmosphere than he has ever been in.  Super quiet and being respectful.  About 2 min later a child showed up, so he wanted to stay.  Can I just say that he had a GREAT time and totally wants to earn a belt and do Karate.  He wouldn't let me watch him, he was to nervous.  So i sneaked videos with my phone:)  I hope that when he is 4 we can put him in karate, because it was so much fun watching him!

Amika learned how to climb over these, what a fun game!

 Tues Amika had a very early doctor appointment for her 9 month check up.  She is doing AMAZING, and is right where she needs to be.  Right after her appointment we went to Taelin's Speech Therapy.  He had already done so much better:) GO TAELIN! That night was Taelin's first gymnastics practice.  He had so much fun, and wants to do gymnastics over karate.  He is really good at everything they had him do, and Amika has a HUGE room to play in, so we all had a great time.  We also signed him up for the night classes, so Dalin was able to come too:) He loved watching him!

Amika wishing she could do it:)

Balance Beam

Amika's play room

Ball pit:)


All the girls LOVED Amika, and just kept crowding her! haha
Taelin and Daddy playing batman after a LONG day!
Wednesday Taelin had a hearing test, which turned out GREAT, he got a 100%:) and then we came home and made LOTS of pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin muffins! SOOOO Good!!!! That night we went and got dominoes free pizza they were serving on base:) It rocked!

Thursday Taelin had speech therapy and is finally back to where he was before we left on vacation:) Right after therapy and I rushed home to get Achilles and took him to the vet because he has been limping.  They checked him out, and said that nothing is broken, but would like to take some x-rays on him.  I decided no, because it would have cost $508, NO we got some tylenol for him as well as flea medicine.  I hurried and rushed Achilles home so I could take my car in to get an oil change.  We finally made it home at 3:00pm! Boy were we all a little bit grumpy and ready to be home! LLLLLOOOONNNNGGGEEEESSSTTT DDDDDAAAYYYYY EEEEVVVVEEERRR!!!

Friday I was able to FINALLY get my hair done:) and I couldn't be happier with it! I LOVE it!!!
I also went with Taelin to pick a toy out from the dollar store because he stayed dry all night long and WOKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT TO GO POTTY! He picked out an axe:)
 That night our housing office had a fall festival.  The kids had so much fun! There was a petting zoo, fun games, a Ferris wheel, a pumpkin patch, and some great food. 

Crazy crazy hair!

No, don't take my picture!


Petting baby goats

He LOVED the pony!

Sorry Amika, a little to young for this!

Super Heros!

An Indian Batman! haha

Saturday morning started off with paint the town, which was so fun! I had never done anything like this, but I LOVED IT! taelin was a HUGE help too!!! After that we went straight to Issac's birthday party and went swimming, and then went to our wards Chili cook off fall festival.  What a fun Saturday!


He got his face painted! he wanted a bat:)

Hands behind back, waiting to eat the doughnut

ummm lets use my hands and put THE WHOLE doughnut in my mouth instead!
superwoman flying:)

This boy in the red had to follow Taelin everywhere!! He would grab his hand and take him to the next activity.  It was adorable!

Doing the cake walk!

Sunday we went to church, and that night we painted pumpkins with Maddox and Mykah! SO FUN!
The kids had fun painting the pumpkins, but then ended up painting themselves instead! haha

Amiaka's first time:) wahoo!

Oh no, they learned it could go on the face and all over the body! haha


Amika's first pumpkin:)