Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween was so much fun.  Taelin I think is the cutest little monkey.  We went trick or treating around base from 6-6:30 and then handed out candy until 7:00.  Taelin was so hot in his costume and he was all done after 30 min.  He had so much fun though.  He was really confused this year though...he would go up and say Trick or Treat, get a candy and then want to eat it RIGHT THEN...we would tell him to put it in his bucket, but then he would just throw his we would walk up to another house to get some more candy and THEN he would put that candy in his bucket and get another one and do the same thing...he was very CONFUSED.....and OF COURSE when he got a sucker he wanted to eat it IMMEDIATELY!! It was a lot of fun.  After he was done trick or treating he helped me hand out the candy with some of our neighbors and he had fun running around.  He ran around with his friend Danika and his sister Riley for a long time.  Taelin was scared of people with masks at the beginning of the night, but then LOVED them by the end of the night.  It was a really fun Halloween!! Oh and our candy ran out in 30 min....SO MANY KIDS!! It was fun to see the Japanese Kids all dressed up too!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Fall Festival

Friday the 28th of Oct was Camp Courtney's Fall Halloween Festival.  It was seriously so much fun! We were their from 2-6.  Taelin was having the time of his life.  Enjoy the pics:)
This is his 1st time on a pony ride...he was kind of nervous

Wanted to sit with Daddy

Happy when he was on the horse and daddy was by him

This is Taelin's 2nd pony ride...doing it all by HIMSELF!! Mommy even got to ride a pony:)

He was in Heaven! And he did AMAZING on the pony.  Wanted to ride it more and more and more. What a change from the first time he sat on one.  He is a PRO now:)

The whole way to the festival Taelin kept saying CHOO CHOO.  He is IN LOVE with Trains right now and was SO EXCITED when he saw this train.  We rode this OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! The whole way home he was saying Chooo Choo! This train ride was so much fun too. 

love my 2 boys

Taelin also LOVED the shooting game. 

He is so exited to shoot this gun! Love the glasses:)

The Military Police Dogs put on a show that was really sweet.  These dogs are so pretty!

This man is running away from the dog and the dog goes straight for his arm

biting his arm hard (the guy had something covering his arm)

 They also showed the dogs running after the man to get his arm, and then the man stops and just stands their and the dog sits down and sits by the was crazy cool! DO NOT MESS WITH A MILITARY POLICE DOG!
We also won a prize with our raffle:) a hygiene kit and a towel:) haha

Painting Pumpkins

Tuesday the 25th Taelin got to finger Paint his pumpkin.  HE WAS SO EXCITED!! I think the pumpkin turned out so cute too! Enjoy the pics:)
Taelin showing us his pumpkin

What a cute smile

Getting ready to paint

SOOO Excited to show us his messy fingers

concentrating so hard

getting his whole hand dirty!

what a crazy crazy boy!

His 2 pumpkins his painted:)


Saturday Oct 22nd we got to witness our first baptism out on island.  Their were 4 people that got baptized.  They do all of their baptisms at Taguchi Beach (which is BEAUTIFUL).  The spirit was so strong.  Here are some pics:)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


If any of you know my husband you would know that his is FREAKING COOL and GOOD LOOKING and just down right AWESOME and AMAZING!!!
Well, today he had his Combat Fitness Test and scored a PERFECT score of 300!!! I am so proud of him!
This is what he did:
Movement to Contact (880 yd run) 2:45
Ammo Can Lift from chest fully extending arms above head and back to chest (35 lbs) 100 in 1:30
Movement Under fire consists of 30yd sprint, 15 yd low crawl, 15 yd high crawl, zig zag 15 yards, buddy drag partner(partner must be within 10 lbs of your weight). back through zig zags and then firemans carry them back to the beginning (60 yd.s) Grab 2 Ammo Cans (same weight as the ammo can lifts 35lbs each) sprint to the zig zags, throw a grenade at target, drop do 3 pushups, grab ammo cans, and go back through zig zag and sprint the 60 yds back to finish. My end time was 2:00

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Party

Saturday the 22nd we went to our friends house (Krista and Jon bakers) to have a Halloween Party and to celebrate their daughters 1 year birthday.  There was a bunch of good food to eat and they played the movie Hocus Pocus outside.  Taelin had a lot of fun chasing around all of the girls.  It was a lot of fun.  Kids came up to Dalin & I and tried to eat us...haha After the party Dalin had to go and scare the girls that he volunteer coaches for.  Taelin & I went with him as well as Chris and 3 other people.  We managed to get into the coaches house by having one of the girls crawl through the doggie door to let us all in.  The girls came in groups of about 6 into the house and we scared them like crazy!!!! Taelin was all for the scaring BEFORE, but once the girls started screaming he was SO SCARED! I have never seen him so scared in my life. He was holding onto me like no other.  We finally went outside in the backyard and sang songs until all of the groups had gone through.  When it was over he said he had fun and wanted I guess I'm not the worse mother anymore...haha I think that I should win the MOTHER OF THE DAY AWARD though...haha  I don't think I will be taking him to scary things like that for a very long time! Below are pics from our night:)

Taelin wanted to take his costume off right away...haha He wasn't very happy with us because we had to wake him up to go to the party

Mad at us

Trying to take his costume off

Told him that if he smiled for 1 pic he would get a trick or treat candy sucker! That made him smile:)

Some of the people at the party

Taelin sliding down the slide in his monkey costume

The set up outside

Taelin liked to play with these pumpkins

Kaley's 1 year birthday party:)


Our Halloween family:)
 Taelin was on a SUGAR HIGH at the party and was doing all sorts of tricks with Dalin.  Well when all the kids came inside they wanted to join in on the fun too.  I think that Dalin is going to do AMAZING with Amika:)
Doing some push ups!

Taelin is holding onto that girl so tight! haha

What a silly little dude!


Taelin wearing the mask that Dalin wore to scare the girls...Taelin loves Monsters, so he had a lot of fun wearing that mask BEFORE the scaring began

Going to scare Chris