Saturday, December 31, 2011


Dalin's parents got us Croquet for Christmas and we love it! here is Taelin's first time ever playing Croquet. 

Still trying to teach him not to swing the stick like a bat

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day

This was my very first Christmas spent away from home.  I was sad to not be with a lot of family but was so thankful that I got to spend it with Dalin and Taelin. We really had a great Christmas.  I really enjoy when Christmas falls on a Sunday and we get to take the time to go to church and remember why we celebrate Christmas.  Our Christmas program was really cool too.  We had Bro. Phelps start out by sharing his testimony of Christmas and then it was followed by a bunch of different people from our branch going up and reading different scriptures about Christ.  And then we would stop and sing some Christmas songs as well.  It was really quite different, but I felt the spirit so strongly that it was really cool.  I am so happy that I know that Jesus Christ was born for us and that he died for us so we can live again with Him someday.  I am so thankful for the spirit Christmas and am so grateful for His example of giving and that we got to give to so many this Christmas season. It was a GREAT Christmas.
It all started out with us making Christmas breakfast.  We made Snowman Pancakes.  I think they turned out really cute.  (I stole the idea from my friend Misty).  We also made Eggs and Hash-browns as well.  So yummy! 

Taelin was so excited to eat a snowman pancake!

Here is a video of Taelin saying MERRY CHRISTMAS
After breakfast it was time to google+ my family so they could see Taelin open the presents they got him.  Taelin waited to patiently too.


Daddy opening the present Taelin gave him

He got him a new tie:) and Taelin is opening the present that G &G Bradshaw got him...A THOMAS THE TRAIN SET! SO EXCITED!

Video of Taelin punching out part of our new game! Thanks Mel & Christian! Cannot wait to figure out how to play it.

Then it was time to google+ Dalin's parents so they could see Taelin open his presents. 
Taelin surrounded by a lot of presents! So cute

Throwing off the wrapping paper

Opening the present...its a croquet a Blue and Orange case! we love it!

Opening the most amazing Penguin blanket made by his grammy

Thanks John and Ashlie for getting this for us! We love it!

After we opened presents, Taelin of course wanted to play with them.  :) So glad we didn't have church till 1:00pm that day.  We got ready for church and took some pics of Taelin in front of Allison's Christmas tree (since we didn't have one).  I think they turned out so cute!
His New Christmas Suit

Taelin in his new Christmas Suit and Daddy wearing his new tie.
Taelin playing with his new favorite toy! Thanks so much mom and dad!

All of the Christmas Presents! We were truly blessed this year. Thank you everyone!
After church it was time to head to the Johnson's for Christmas Dinner.  It turned out great.  We all had a great time hanging out and playing with Danika and Ryleah's new Christmas presents. 
The Food

Riding bikes

Cute Helmet Dalin!

Riding Scooters

Here is a video of Taelin taking Danika for a walk with her puppies was so funny!

And playing with the new remote control car!

Dalin's 25th Birthday

Here are pics from Dalin's Birthday
Taelin is going to help him open his presents

So excited that he got Modern Warfare 3

Wahoo a really cool Flash to go on his camera


Taelin wanted to play in the wrapping paper

Presents:) Lots of new stuff for his Camera, a game and Photoshop. 
Dalin's Parents got him these really awesome BSU football gloves.  They also got him the movie Ben-Hur

These are 2 of his presents that came in the mail late.  He has been watched Smallville now for 10 years...ever since he was 15 years old...this is the LAST season...he was super excited to watch it! 
My parents gave him money to get Scuba Certified and he is hoping to get certified in Jan:)
That night we went out to a different restaurant that we had never been to. Not being able to speak Japanese over here can be very difficult...since they messed up on our order...but it was still really good. Here are pics from dinner.

The Menu

Yummy Asparagus

AMAZING POTATOES! Im craving some right now!

I am eating with chop sticks! So proud of myself!:)

He's gonna eat it all!

Our boat of fish...not all the fish we ordered...but that's okay...after we ate this one...they brought out another HUGE boat of fish...with all of the ones we ordered....we were really confused....

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve was a lot of fun.  We decided to make our own little Pizzas for dinner. 
Pizza, salad, and pears
After dinner we "acted" out the nativity.  This will be a lot more fun when we have more kids, but Taelin had a great time with it.  We decided to have daddy read the nativity story in the Bible and then Taelin could put up the pieces on the board.  It was really fun.  Taelin's favorite part was being the in-keeper.  We would walk around the house and knock on different walls and he would say "Hello" and then I would ask him if there was any room for me to come in and have my baby.  He would always say "ya" though...a lot nicer then the people in the bible who turned down Mary and Joseph.  It was cute though.
Taelin wanting to read the nativity with daddy

Getting the shepherds to hang up

Hanging them up

haha both of our faces are funny

I love my little man!
After we finished the nativity it was time to open our Christmas Eve Present.  Taelin was super excited.  He of course thought it was a puppy...but was so happy when he opened it and found THOMAS THE TRAIN PJ'S!

He of course wanted to help daddy open his

Daddy got nice Nike Shorts for his Christmas Pj's

Taelin in his new Christmas PJ's

And he wanted to help me open mine

They are so comfy!
After we were all in our Christmas PJ's we headed to our friends the Bakers to watch HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS (my most favorite Christmas movie.  back at home Mindy, Annette, and I would all stay up and watch that movie every Christmas I was happy that even though I was away from home that I still got to watch it).  Taelin had a lot of fun with the Bakers girls and Brooklyn. 

So cute!

Taelin found these cars and decided to put his feet in them so he could go skating...what a silly boy!

After the movie was over Krista gathered all of the kids around to read TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. 
So adorable!

2011 Family Christmas Eve Picture all in our new PJ's