Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Teaching Moment

I love it when I get to have those awesome teaching moments.  The other day Taelin was playing with his new favorite sword toy.  He loves it so much that he wanted to sleep with it.  The next morning he couldn't find it.  We searched EVERYWHERE for it, ALL DAY LONG, and couldn't find it.  We even said a prayer, and still couldn't find it.  Well the next day came and Taelin wanted to play with it, he still couldn't find, so we said another prayer and went with our day.  When we got back from the dog beach I decided to say a prayer to help find his toy.  I checked in his room again, everywhere we looked before, and his toy was right there in the corner on the carpet, it had fallen off of his bed and landed there (it wasnt there the other day).  I was so excited to show Taelin.  I told him to come upstairs to see what I had found.  He was so excited when he saw what I was holding. I was so excited to explain to him that Heavenly Father was the one that helped us find his toy, and that we needed to now thank him.  We helped him say a prayer and then he was on his way.  What a great teaching experience:) I love my Heavenly Father so much and I love that I know that He hears our prayers, and will help us with anything if we have faith in Him. 

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