Sunday, November 18, 2012

Amika 10 Months

WoW!! what the heck? Amika is already 10 months old? Time sure does fly.   She is so much fun and so stinking cute!!! She is such a talker as well.  Her favorite words to say are Momma and Baba.  She will say those words for like 5 min straight.  She loves to wrestle with her brother, she loves books, she loves to suck on her finger, she loves her blankets, she loves her crib, she loves her car seat (to sleep in, not so much the car), she loves following Taelin everywhere, she loves our neighbor friend Mykah, she still only has 2 bottom teeth, she loves to eat ALL DAY LONG, she loves to do things by herself, she loves to be outside, she loves to be pushed in her stroller, she loves Achilles, she loves her mommy and daddy, she likes to head butt babies, she loves other babies, she loves baths, she hates getting dressed, she hates getting her nose wiped, and she hates being cuddled.  We love our little baby Amika Namoi.  She sure has gotten big!
She loves to lounge here!

holding the plate after her and daddy ate everything on it

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